A Better Way to Store Trash Bags: Hang Them On a Roller!

Kitchen Organization

It seems to me that most kitchen clutter can be solved by one thing: hanging it up! That's the case with dish gloves, measuring cups, butcher paper, mugs, pot lids, tables, spice storage containers... and now we can add trash bags to that list!

This smart solution from Samantha at Simply Organized takes those cumbersome trash bag rolls and puts them on a wall hanger, much like what you see for paper towel rolls. So smart! Now you can just tear off a bag as you need it, instead of having to wrap and unwrap the roll when it inevitably comes apart in your cabinet. (Or maybe that's just me!)

Samantha gives full instructions for building this setup for yourself, too.

Read more about this smart solution and get the instructions: Simple DIY: Trash Bags on a Roll at Simply Organized

Do you have another good solution for storing trash bags?

(Image credits: Simply Organized; Via ClickyPix)