A Banana Tree in a Brooklyn Kitchen

Kitchen Spotlight

I know what you're thinking: a banana tree? In Brooklyn? Yes, indeed. Joey and Antoni live in a 600-square-foot studio that's decorated in a mix of industrial, mid-century modern, and "1960s beach babe," complete with two banana trees!

Joe is a senior designer for 1stdibs.com, so it's no surprise his apartment is full of interesting pieces. However, he's not above picking up things on the street! "I love proclaiming that I'm a proud 'dumpster diver' and have a trained eye for spotting hidden gems left on the curbs of Fort Greene," Joe tells Apartment Therapy. "Roughly 80% of the big pieces we own were giveaways from the street, including our bar console, coffee table, couch (sans cushions), bed frame, and industrial cart, to name a few."

The banana trees were not found on the street, however. They were a gift from Antoni!

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(Image credits: Liana Hayles Newton)