A $30 Kitchen Makeover and 5 Fast Grilled Suppers

This Time Last Year

This week a year ago we were talking about this ultra-cheap kitchen makeover, and some goodies for summer meals. Plus, street fair food (funnel cakes! battered Oreos!), The Kitchn's food-lovers' guides to a few different towns, the difference between shrimp and prawns, a 4-ingredient peach frozen yogurt, and a tour of Delancey, Orangette's pizza place in Seattle.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

• Ever baked chocolate chip cookies on your dashboard?

• What's the difference between shrimp and prawns?

• What's your favorite way to cook eggplant? Also, some gorgeous striped eggplants from the garden.

• Cool treats: Frozen watermelon margarita, frozen grapes, and lemon shake-ups. Plus, easy peach frozen yogurt.

• A $30 kitchen makeover.

Five fast grilled suppers and a whiskey smash to go along with them.

• How to bake flatbread on the stovetop.

• Why spicy foods get hotter as you eat.

• Street fair food! Funnel cakes, battered sweets, ice cream sandwiches, and nacos, and corndogs.

Five things to do with leftover bagels.

• What's the perfect trash can for the kitchen? Plus, aprons inspired by Julia Child, and some cute countertop storage.

Tour Molly of Orangette's new pizza place in Seattle.

• See all posts from this week a year ago.

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