This series finale of AMC's Breaking Bad is this Sunday – are you prepared to say goodbye? After what has arguably been the best season of the show, the series deserves to go out with a bang. Bakers and boozers alike have been inspired to cook some interesting things to celebrate. WARNING: There are a lot of blue pop rocks ahead.

Undoubtedly, my favorite of these concoctions is the "Walter White Cupcakes" which have a simple, vanilla exterior, but is filled with blue "meth" on the inside – just like Walter.

Breaking Bad Cake Batter Truffles - Kailley's Kitchen
2. Breaking Bad Tequila Cocktail - Simple Cocktails
3. Walter White Cupcakes - Not Your Mama's Cookie
4. The Captain Cook - Thrillist
5. Breaking Bad Cake - 17 and Baking

Breaking Bad Waltaritas - Almost Makes Perfect
2. Breaking Bad Lollipops - 1 Fine Cookie
3. Jesse Pink-Mint Ice Cream - Dash and Pinch

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