75 Expert Essentials for Home Cooks in 2013

The Kitchn's Best of 2013

From professional chefs, to wildly popular cookbook authors, and also TV food personalities – they all find time to cook at home. Even though home cooks might not necessarily be their target audience in their professional life, we can learn a lot from their kitchen wisdom.

The 15 posts included in this roundup are the popular posts in the Expert Essentials series from the last year. From the importance of keeping your knife sharp, to aiming for simple, nurturing cooking at home, each expert gave 5 (and sometimes more) essential lessons for the home cook.

When you need a little help in the kitchen or just want some motivation to cook, turn to these posts for essential advice:

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Welcome to The Kitchn's Best of 2013 roundup!

From December 21 through January 3 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year. We'll also share guest posts, special holiday features, and a sparkling Winter Glam Cocktail Party, the final installment in our2013 Gatherings from The Kitchn. Happy Holidays!

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