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Although we will always have a soft spot for completely smooth, creamy ice creams and gelatos, there's nothing we love more than a sharp nut in the mix. Although some might think of them as culinary speed bumps, we prefer to think of them as little nuggets of joy. We've rounded up recipes, topping ideas, tips and tricks and more!

Chocolate Gelato with Salted Caramel Pecans: (as pictured above) This recipe is one of our favorite in The Kitchn archives. We've made it time and time (um, and time) again. It's the perfect mix of flavor and texture and it's perfect for a summer evening spent on the front porch swing.

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Coconut Peach Ice Cream with Toasted Almonds: The best way to describe this ice cream is vacation in a cup (or cone). The toasted almonds balance out the sweet and keep all the flavors in check.
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Recipe: Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Almonds: Although these can be eaten on their own as a snack, they make an exceptional ice cream or gelato topping or mix in. They add a little richness with their warm cinnamon and a punch of flavor with their caramelized salty exterior.
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Kitchen Shortcut: How to Toast Nuts in the Microwave: Although toasting nuts seems like an extra step (and it is), it doesn't have to be a big one with this quick kitchen hack. Nuts in the microwave, who knew?!
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Recipe: D.I.Y. Honey Roasted Peanuts: This recipe took two attempts to create, but it was worth the time. The result is a super simple snack that's perfect for mixing into cream based desserts (or eating by the handful as you pass by the cupboard!).
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Fig Walnut Ice Cream: This mix of bitter and sweet is just right and feels extra decadent!
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Pistachio Gelato: Although this gelato isn't studded with large chunks of pistachio, they're blended in smooth for a great taste and mouth feel.

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