7 Pretty Utensil Holders You'll Want To Display On Your Countertop

Product Roundup

Besides the practical aspects of having your most-used utensils close at hand, I've always loved the look of utensil holders — all those wooden spoons, whisks, and spatulas grouped together in a pretty container. When I see utensils out on display in a kitchen, it's like an informal declaration that the kitchen is well-loved and used. You can store utensils in anything — a mason jar, a vintage vase — but if you want to get fancy about it, here are seven holders that'll steal the spotlight:• 1 Oji Masanori brass tool holder, $200 from Mjolk • 2 Concrete Utensil Holder, $75 from Wantful • 3 Terracotta Utensil Holder, $38 from Leif • 4 Amco Brushed Stainless Steel Utensil Crock, $13 from Amazon • 5 Acacia Utensil Holder, $19.95 from Crate & Barrel • 6 Tourne Utensil Holder, $49 from Brook Farm General Store • 7 Fox Run Marble Utensil Holder, $24 from Bed Bath and Beyond

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