It might only be the middle of the month, but Pinterest is swarming with Halloween DIYs and creative treats. Have you started planning for the occasion yet? These spooky cocktails definitely got me excited for the weeks ahead.

Here are a few to get you into the ghoulish spirit. I particularly enjoy the black rimming salt and the vampire teeth garnishes. It's the little touches after all, more than the drink itself, that make a Halloween cocktail great.

Vampire Kiss Martini - Cooking with Sugar
2. The Weeping Woman - Muy Bueno
3. Black + Orange Rum Punch - Brit + Co
4. Vampire Punch with Lime Shebet - Cookin Canuck
5. Candy Corn Martini - Boulder Locavore

Concord Grape Goblin Punch - Pretty Plain Janes

Do you have a favorite Halloween cocktail? Let us know in the comments!

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