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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we have five tips for things you can do right now to prepare. Also, how to get grease stains out of clothes, yeast-risen angel biscuits, and a round-up of soul-satisfying lentil recipes.

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• Here are five things you can do to start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Earthy and hearty lentils are a favorite fall food - and there are so many ways to make them!

• Whisky vs. Whiskey: Do you know the difference?

Simple roasted pears make an elegant dessert this time of year.

Check out these beautiful handmade dishes from Mud Studio in South Africa.

• For a quick cookie fix, try using a waffle iron.

Delicious udon noodle soup is a quick and simple weeknight dinner.

This black and white kitchen looks so sophisticated.

Here’s how to store cheese once you’ve brought it home from the store.

• How to make the fluffiest and creamiest scrambled eggs ever.

• Our review of Chez Pim’s mix-on-the-counter flaky pie crust.

Chalk board table clothes add an element of whimsy to a dinner party.

Yeast-risen angel biscuits are just heavenly.

• Here’s the trick to getting grease stains out of your clothes.

The pops of color in this backsplash bring the whole kitchen together.

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