3 Things Only a Food Blogger Will Understand as Told on Tumblr

This awesome Tumblr #whatshouldwecallfoodblogging accurately (and sometimes eerily) describes what it's like to be a food blogger. From never remembering to soften your butter in advance, to setting off your smoke alarm –– I imagine a lot of cooks and bloggers alike can relate.

Here are a few of my favorite entries:

1. "When I post a cheesecake I’m proud of and then another blogger posts a cheesecake-cake-doughnut combination with edible diamonds sprinkled on top"

2. Trying to convince my husband to do the dishes after my Major Baking Project (TM)

3. "When a reader posts a sweet comment telling me about a special family occasion where they made one of my recipes"

If you have any of your own ideas and gifs, the Tumblr takes submissions. So yeah, you should definitely do that –– we want to see 'em!

For more go to Tumblr → #whatshouldwecallfoodblogging

(Gifs: #whatshouldwecallfoodblogging)