5 Stylish Wipe-Clean Placemats

5 Stylish Wipe-Clean Placemats

Regina Yunghans
Dec 14, 2010

We've been focusing a lot on special holiday tablesettings lately. But even during this season, everyday life goes on. Wipe-clean placemats are convenient for daily use, and there are lots of stylish options out there:

The Kitchn reader Arielle recently wrote to ask us:

Could you do a feature on placemats? My boyfriend and I are looking for something cool to go on our vintage, teak dining table. Our current IKEA ones have to be washed by machine and then hung to dry, which means that we have significant stretches with no placemats -- plus, they have to be ironed which is a big pain. So we are looking preferably for placemats that can easily be wiped down our cleaned without need the whole wash, hang dry, iron cycle. Thanks!

These are some placemats we like that wipe clean and look terrific:

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