5 Reusable, Plastic-Free Straws

For entertaining or even everyday sipping, there's something quite fun and elegant about popping a straw into a glass of lemonade or a cocktail. However, like shopping bags and water bottles, we've ditched the disposable, plastic versions. Instead, we're enamored of these cool, reusable straws, from sleek stainless to rustic bamboo and sparkling glass…PICTURED
1 Stainless Steel Straws, set of 4, $9.50 at Always Brilliant
2 Reusable Bamboo Party Straws, set of 12, $16.95 at Global Exchange
3 GlassDharma Straw - Bendie, $8.95-9.95 at Greenfeet (with a lifetime guarantee!)
4 GlassDharma Straw - Dots, $8.95-9.95 at Greenfeet (with a lifetime guarantee!)
5 Stainless Steel Spoon-Straw, $1.95 at Crate and Barrel

Need a skinny brush to clean those straws? Here's one for $4.95 at Greenfeet.

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(Images: Kathryn Hill, Global Exchange Fair Trade Store, Greenfeet, Greenfeet, Crate and Barrel)