5 Refreshing Summer Sips with Rosemary

Want to jazz up your non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water, iced tea, and lemonade? Add a sprig or two of aromatic rosemary. These five beverages are a little bit herbal, a little bit sweet, and very refreshing. 

1. Sparkling Rosemary LimeadeA punchy drink with an herbal note from rosemary, and just enough sugar to keep it from being mouth-puckering.

2. Rosemary Citrus SpritzerServe this soda as an alternative to mimosas at brunch, or sip outside on a warm afternoon. 

3. Peach and Rosemary Spritzer: For a non-alcoholic version, replace the white or rose wine with sparkling water or white grape juice. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Honey-Rosemary Lemonade: Fresh rosemary adds dimension to lemonade, especially one made with honey. (via Oprah)

5. Iced Tea with Rosemary Simple Syrup: Simple syrup isn't just for cocktails — use it to sweeten iced tea and other cold drinks. 

(Images: 1. Faith Durand; 2. Emily Ho; 3. Martha Stewart; 4. Oprah; 5. Kathryn Hill)