5 Potluck Recipes to Make, Take, and Share

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When it comes to potlucks, low-maintenance is the order of the day.

Whether you're the host or the guest, you don't want to worry about bringing and serving a dish that requires too much hands-on time. The foods that win out are the ones that can be served at room temperature or quickly reheated, so everyone can serve themselves at their own leisure. And no matter what kind of potluck gathering you're attending — a sit-down dinner, a backyard hangout, a family reunion, or a casual all-day buffet — at least one of these five recipes is bound to fit the bill.

Invited to a group dinner with a bunch of pals? A lemony Brussels sprouts gratin manages to be both casual and fancy. Need to serve a bunch of family members? Classic stuffed shells or Cubano sheet pan sliders are equally beloved by grandkids and grandparents. Know you're going to an all-day affair? Rib-sticking ham and bean soup keeps itself warm in the slow cooker while you do your thing. And as for Snickers-inspired bar cookies, those are anytime treats, my friends.

Not only will each of these meals be scooped up in minutes, but every single one of these crowd-friendly dishes is also designed to give you flexibility in make-ahead timing and reheating on-site if needed. High-maintenance dishes are always quickly nixed from the guest list, but these recipes will have you invited back again and again.

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