5 Smart & Inexpensive Ways to Store More in Your Pantry

5 Smart & Inexpensive Ways to Store More in Your Pantry

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 10, 2014
(Image credit: I Heart Organizing )

As we start to pack our pantries with back-to-school essentials and canned bounty from the farmers market and garden, it's time to take a closer look at storage solutions that are as clever as they are inexpensive. Here are a few favorites from around the web!

1. Crates on wheels

We love the idea featured above from Jen at IHeart Organizing. She's added casters to the bottom of simple crates to hold reusable bags, but these crates could also be used for snacks or pantry supplies that you want to easily wheel out into the kitchen.

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(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

2. Under-shelf racks

We've often seen these under-the-shelf racks holding awkward cabinet items, such as mugs or dessert plates. We love the idea of using them in your pantry to hold easily crushable items that keep your counters free from clutter, and hold your desire to make a peanut butter sandwich at all hours of the day at bay — or maybe that's just me.

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(Image credit: Domestic Imperfection)

3. Pencil holder shelving

You know that little space between the shelf in your pantry and the door jamb? Yeah, we never thought much about it either — until now! Ashley over at Domestic Imperfection has wisely put that tiny space to use holding odd things like gelatin boxes, spices, and more!

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(Image credit: Make Bake Celebrate)

4. Clear sponge holder shelving

Here's a similar idea to the one above, but using another smart organization find: clear sponge holders. These clear sponge holders work perfectly with velcro or Command tabs to be able to hold small things while still being able to tell what's on hand!

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(Image credit: Just What Am I Thinking)

5. Magazine rack shelving

Are you looking for a way to store your onions and other un-refrigerated vegetables? Check out this simple magazine rack that's been put to use on the wall. This works fabulous in a larger pantry such as this, on the back of a door to something smaller, or even on a wall in your kitchen for those that are without a proper pantry.

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Do you have a creative pantry solution? Did you stumble upon something simple and easy that made you mad you didn't think of it sooner? Make sure to drop us a line and show off your mad skills.

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