5 Organizing Tips to Steal from Petite Paris Kitchens

5 Organizing Tips to Steal from Petite Paris Kitchens

Between our kitchen tours and the home tours on Apartment Therapy, we've drooled over many stunning Parisian kitchens over the years. Above all else, we've been impressed by the ability of our French friends to do so much with their small spaces. Here are a few of our favorite organizing ideas from tiny (but thoughtful) kitchens in the City of Light.

1. Hang it if you can.

Vertical storage will forever be one of our favorite tricks in the kitchen, and hanging vertical storage is even better. Not only does using the wall space above your counters free up some cooking space, but it also enables you to keep things within arm's reach. We especially love the hanging corkscrew on this Grundtal rail system — it makes opening that bottle of rosé even easier.

2. Make use of all your surfaces.

What strikes us immediately about this Paris kitchen, aside from the bright colors and artwork, is how they made use of all the available surfaces. If your range has a hood with flat surfaces, that's a great place to store items that can handle the heat and might not be used that often. We also like that the rail behind the sink is home to glass jars with frequently used items.

3. Store related items together.

Okay, this might seem like a no-brainer, but if you keep your knives in one place and your cutting board across the kitchen, you'll be spending unnecessary time and energy moving around the kitchen. No, it won't add that much time to preparing an individual recipe, but it will make you a less efficient cook. Take a cue from this Parisian kitchen and install that knife rack right above your chopping block.

4. Get colorful and creative.

When I first looked at this photo, my eyes were immediately drawn to the bright orange folding chairs between the counter and the fridge. We're going to guess that many of you are faced with similar unused spaces in your rental kitchens: Put those gaps to good use by storing extra chairs or your step stool in between. After all, in a small kitchen, all storage space is precious.

5. Embrace the cluttered counter.

Again and again when looking at Paris kitchens, we notice how many of the counters have stuff on them. Appliances, ingredients, butcher block cutting boards — they're all left out in the open. Regular contributor Dana Velden wrote recently about why you should relax about your cluttered counters, and clearly Parisians agree. Just make sure that the things you're keeping out are ones that you use frequently.

Can you spy any other organizing tricks to steal from these petite Parisian kitchens?

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