5 ​Non-Food Essentials to Make Whole30 a Whole Lot Easier

5 ​Non-Food Essentials to Make Whole30 a Whole Lot Easier

Liz Lian
Nov 2, 2016
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Whether you've already decided to take the plunge and try Whole30 or you're still exploring the ins and outs of the program, it's important to realize that what you use to make your food plays just as important of a role as the food itself. Simply put, you need the right tools to get the job done. Here are five non-food kitchen essentials that will make your Whole30 journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

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1. Salad Spinner

You'll end up eating a lot of salads when you're doing Whole30. You won't be able to go back to life without a salad spinner after realizing just how much this tool upgrades your salad game. For under $15 at most home-goods stores, you can eliminate soggy lettuce leaves and puddles of water at the bottom of your salad bowl for good. Not only will your lettuce leaves hold a more even coat of dressing after a whirl in the spinner, but the bowl also acts as a serving bowl and the basket doubles as a colander in a pinch.

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2. Sheet Pans

The easiest dinner is one you can just throw in the oven as you wait for it to do all the work for you. Invest in a couple of solid sheet pans that you can throw veggies, salt, olive oil, and pepper onto as you sit back and watch as they turn deliciously golden-brown. It's so easy that you'll wonder why you ever cooked your vegetables any other way.

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3. Storage Containers

Whether you're a hardcore meal prepper or just bring your lunch to work for the day, storage options for your food are a must. It can be difficult to eat Whole30 when you're in a rush, and you might find yourself wishing you could just grab a convenient, unhealthy snack. That's where pre-prepped meals and snacks come to the rescue. Glass storage containers are my personal favorite, because they don't leach chemicals or hang on to any residual smells.

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4. Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is the ultimate vehicle for delayed satisfaction. You'll find countless Whole30 recipes online for delicious meals you can toss in the slow cooker in the morning and come back to as a finished meal at the end of the day. Magic! Better yet, you can find a good model big enough for a family meal for under $40.

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5. Immersion Blender

While not a requirement, my immersion blender has become one of my favorite kitchen tools both on and off Whole30. I have this one, which also doubles as a hand blender and chopper. If you're interested in trying out recipes for thick and wholesome Whole30 soups like this bacon and butternut squash one, an immersion blender will save you the extra step and cleanup of using a standard blender. If you get one with the chopping attachment, it'll also make prep for recipes that require minced veggies a breeze.

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