Tools that are specifically designed to contribute to comfort in the kitchen have only recently come around (or been marketed as such). Here's a look at a few basics that provide comfort for the cook:

  • The Shun Ken Onion Chef’s Knife comes in an 8" ergonomic design and includes a wood stand, which could be handy if this were your go-to daily knife. It's on sale at Sur la Table, $150
  • OXO kitchen tools have aligned themselves with comfort in cooking. We like this Nylon Asian Turner for versatility in cooking.
  • Gel Pro chef's mats really are comfortable underfoot in the kitchen. See The Kitchn's review of them here and get fellow readers' takes here.
  • A basic, small step stool can add so much comfort to the kitchen. Obviously, it will help you reach higher. But on a more frequent basis, prop a foot up on it to relieve lower back pain when standing for long periods. The one pictured is the Bekvam from IKEA, as featured on Ohdeedoh, $15

What tools or tricks to you use to be more comfortable in your kitchen?

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