5 Cozy Bread Bowls to Hold Your Soup (and Your Dreams)

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If there was a contest that attempted to find the most cozy thing of all time, then hot soup in delicious bread bowls would win HANDS DOWN. No questions asked. No runner-up. Because let's be real — if it was OK to crawl into one of these things (assuming you were miniature), you would do it, right? Right.

You could, of course, just hollow out some store-bought bread for your soup bowl, but making the bread yourself is so much better and satisfying. A good bread bowl should be sturdy enough to handle a large quantity of hot soup, but soft enough to absorb just a little liquid and flavor.

Here are five delicious bread bowl recipes that are made to be filled with hot soup:

Do you have a favorite bread bowl/soup combination? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Half Baked Harvest)

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