5 Clever Ways to Store Your Stand Mixer Attachments & Food Processor Blades

5 Clever Ways to Store Your Stand Mixer Attachments & Food Processor Blades

Cambria Bold
Mar 8, 2016

Thank goodness for our trusty small appliances. They mix and chop and save us time, and so rightfully deserve that prime spot on the countertop. But finding a good place to store the accompanying parts and pieces is trickier. Where should you put those food processor blades and stand mixer attachments so that they're easy to get to, but not in the way? Here are five ideas.

Where to Store Stand Mixer Attachments

1. Hang them on hooks.

When it comes to your stand mixer attachments, take a cue from the Kitty Cat Stevens' baking area and hang those attachments — dough hook, beater blade, wire whip — right on the wall. Keep it close to the mixer and you'll be able to just grab what you need, when you need it!

2. Hang them inside your kitchen cabinets.

The inside of your kitchen cabinet door is probably totally unused, so it makes sense to stick a few hooks there for your stand mixer attachments, like Julie Blanner did.

3. Keep them in the stand mixer bowl.

The most obvious solution is to keep all the attachments in the stand mixer bowl! A kitchen towel protects the bowl from scratches and dust, and also makes it easy to pull out all the attachments at once.

Where to Store Food Processor Blades

4. Store them on a magnetic knife strip.

Ever since we read about Regina's ingenious solution for storing food processor blades, we haven't found anything better. She needed to contain them somehow, but didn't want blades floating around in a drawer or cabinet. Her solution? Install a magnetic knife strip in the back of the cabinet to hold all the blades and chopping discs. So great.

5. Store them upright in a pan organizer rack.

You may want to rethink the wire organizer holding your pans and pot lids — or at least think about getting another one — because it makes an excellent spot to store food processor blades. There's no worry you're going to accidentally cut yourself with each blade nestled neatly into its slot.

Do you have any tips or storage tricks for storing your appliance attachments and parts?

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