5 Cheeses to Try On Your Next Pizza (Other Than Mozzarella!)

5 Cheeses to Try On Your Next Pizza (Other Than Mozzarella!)

Emma Christensen
Oct 11, 2012

Trust me, I'll take a big slice of pizza topped with gooey mozzarella any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. I love it so much that it's easy to make pizzas with nothing but mozzarella. Sometimes I need a reminder that there are other cheeses out there. Here are five of my favorites.

1. Asiago: The nutty and tangy flavor of this cheese is especially great with vegetable pizzas. Look for the fresher version, rather than the harder dry-aged version.

2. Gouda: My top choice for pizzas with pulled pork or shredded BBQ chicken. I love both straight and smoked gouda.

3. Gruyère: This is a fun one to try with a whole range of toppings, from thin slices of potato to diced ham. It has a fairly assertive savory flavor and melts like a dream.

5. Fontina: Mild-flavored with a silky texture when melted, I think this cheese goes well with more strongly flavored toppings like spinach or peppery charcuterie.

4. Goat Cheese: This doesn't melt like other cheeses, but drop spoonfuls over a pizza and you'll get a tasty little burst of cheese every few bites. Yum.

And if you don't feel like you can pull yourself away from mozzarella, try its creamy, ultra-rich cousin burrata. This is like a pocket of mozzarella filled with thick ricotta-like cream. On a pizza, this makes for a spectacular contrast of textures.

What are your favorite cheeses for pizza?

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