The list of reasons why we can't wait for warm summer weather just got longer: cocktail popsicles—otherwise known as poptails—may be the perfect chill-out-and-feel-good party food. (And yes, "party" does include all parties for one!) Boozy pop variations are endless: Bellini pops? Bloody Mary pops? Bourbon peaches and cream? Oh yes. So lift your glass popsicle and let's toast to feeling like a kid a very grown-up sort of way!

1 Fig and Clementine Port Wine Poptail, via Endless Simmer
2 Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicles, via Endless Simmer
3 Bellini Pops, via Fine Cooking
4 Boozy Beet and Apple Popsicles, via RoseMarried
5 Tequila Rose Popsicles, via Pass the Sushi
6 Bloody Mary Ice Pops, via Epicurious

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