5 Beautiful Handmade Cereal Bowls

5 Beautiful Handmade Cereal Bowls

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 6, 2011

Do you have a special cereal bowl? Even though we've eaten our favorite breakfast treat (or late night snack) out of almost every bowl in the house, having the perfect bowl makes for a most amazing experience. It might sound silly, but having a bowl that sits in your hand and cradles the milk without spilling each time you dip your spoon in — well that's just a thing of beauty. Here are five handmade bowls that would make your breakfast just a little more special.

While CB2 makes a great handled soup bowl and Crate and Barrel carries ones that have all white exteriors and bright glossy colorful interiors, and there's even a cute cross stitch bowl over at Kmart — handmade, handcrafted cereal bowls just seem to have a little something extra to them. Knowing it's been shaped to fit this specific need just makes them that much more awesome.

If you're looking for a handmade, extra-special bowl for your morning cereal, here are five options to choose from:

Midnight Blue Bowl, $12 from Etsy seller tlwpottery
Eat Your Heart Out Cereal Bowl, $15 from Etsy seller Folded Pigs
Sky Blue & Oatmeal Handled Soup Bowl, $16 from Etsy seller ShannaRhumburg
Breakfast Set, $30 from Etsy seller NSpottery
Rabbit Bowl, $32 from Etsy seller Patticeramics

What's your favorite cereal or oatmeal bowl? Does it have a story?

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(Images: Etsy store owners as linked above)

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