4 Gas Grills More Exciting Than Mine

4 Gas Grills More Exciting Than Mine

Regina Yunghans
Jun 7, 2011

My husband and I finally went out and purchased a grill. We bought a gas-fueled one for the convenience. It's basic and will probably do the job just fine, but I can't help thinking of the more exciting possibilities out there:

These options either out-look or out-perform our grill under the table. And while their prices are all higher than that of my humble grill, they're certainly not astronomical (excepting the Tolda, most likely):

  • The Kenmore I own is less exciting than any of those pictured above. But for $180 at Sears, it fit my budget even if it did leave me with a gas grass is greener complex for the summer.

Do you have a gas grill? If so, what's yours like?

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(Images: Fuego, Teakparkline's, Modern Home Products, Minden Grill, Sears)

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