Smallest Coolest Kitchen 2007 Entry #4: Camil's Bright Modern Aesthetic

Name: Camil Location: Brooklyn, NY Size & Type: 65 square feet in a 1 bedroom apartment Favorite resource: Design Source, 115 Bowery, NY. Good prices, large selections for hardware Inspiration: I thought long and hard about how to renovate my galley kitchen that also served as my apartment entrance. I wanted a clean, bright, and welcoming space with a modern aesthetic that was not too "harsh"...

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Inspiration Continued: ...and I wanted the cabinetry finishes to complement the rest of the furnishings in the living and dining rooms that the space opened into. The local cabinetmaker loved his craft and it showed. I managed to squeeze an 18" dishwasher - worth it! - as well as adding a small breakfast nook and a corner lazy susan for lots of storage underneath. Matte almond subway wall tiles and large porcelain floor tiles complemented the stained maple. I feel it came out just right.
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Tip: Don't discount your local cabinet maker for custom cabinets - in my case he beat the price of the better grade "Home Depot" lines. - Camil