3 Reasons You Should Buy These Versatile Swing-Top Glass Bottles Right Now

3 Reasons You Should Buy These Versatile Swing-Top Glass Bottles Right Now

Amanda Waas
Jun 28, 2017
(Image credit: Amanda Waas)

If you treat your home kitchen more like a laboratory — always whipping up strange concoctions and experimenting with new ingredients (to mixed results) — you know having high-quality storage containers on hand is a must.

And while we're fans of Pyrex container sets (and other similar containers like these), sometimes your food experiments require an easy-pour container. Enter: these Chef's Star 16-ounce, swing-top glass bottles.

Buy Them!

Chef's Star Easy Cap Beer Bottle, $18 for six

Each top has a rubber gasket to ensure a tight seal, and the bottles can go in the dishwasher. That's why this set of six is a best-selling product on Amazon, and a bargain at more than 40 percent off.

Of course, these bottles have an endless amount of uses, but allow us to recommend the following:

1. Brewing Beer (and Kombucha)

Their title may identify them as beer bottles, but we say that they're perfect for whatever you're brewing up at home — whether it's beer, kombucha, iced tea, or cold brew coffee. Just pour into your glass and seal the rest up for later usage.

Get the steps: How To Make Kombucha Tea at Home

2. Storing Sauces, Dressings, and Condiments

Like to make your own hot sauce? What about your own salad dressing? These bottles — filled with vinegars, sauces, and condiments — are perfect to keep in the fridge door or next to the stove for easy grabbing when you're cooking.

3. Storing Home Bar Accoutrements

It took you a lot of time to organize your at-home bar cart exactly the way you like it, so why would you want to junk it up with mismatching store-bought bottles? (If you're still in the market for a bar cart, check out our favorites for inspiration.) Streamline your bar cart by using these bottles to store flavored simple syrups, bitters, citrus juices, mixers, so everything's uniform — just the way you like it.

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