3 Fresh Takes on the Hanging Fruit Basket

3 Fresh Takes on the Hanging Fruit Basket

Cambria Bold
Jan 22, 2015

Hanging baskets are a practical way to get fruit and vegetables off the countertop and keep them fresh with better airflow. But they often look so frumpy! Well, no more — check out these three fresh takes on the hanging basket!

Wide, shallow basket: I didn't think a fruit basket could surprise me, but this one just did. Instead of the more common three-tiered metal basket, the arrangement shown above consists of a wide, shallow basket suspended by thin rope or twine. Piled high with fruit, it makes for such a pretty presentation, don't you think?

Vintage metal basket and pulley: We're back to a metal basket here, but this one hangs from a vintage pulley (or is it an antique hanging scale?). I love how you can easily take the basket on and off, too, if you want to fill it up at the market or grocery store.

Wide wooden tray: Like me, Justina Blakeney was inspired by the wide, woven basket in the first photo. She made her own version with an old wooden tray she picked up at a thrift store and some rope, wire, and small pieces of fabric to rig the whole thing together. So you can go the DIY route here, too!

Do you have a fruit basket in your kitchen?

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