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When we came across a decade-old Bon Appétit recipe for Wine-Marinated Grapes, we were intrigued. But when we learned the recipe would yield a ready-made cocktail as well, we simply couldn't resist.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
A big bowl of cool, slightly boozy grapes is exactly what we're craving this hot and steamy weekend.

The grapes marinate for at least three hours (up to a day) in a mixture of dry white wine, sugar and lemon zest, and then they're ready to go. After about three hours, the grapes have a subtle wine flavor and extra sweetness, brightened up by the lemon. We assume the wine flavor gets stronger the longer they marinate, but honestly, ours never last long enough to find out.

And then the marinade – don't throw it out! Serve it with club soda for an easy, refreshing cocktail. Garnish with lemon and grapes. Cheers to beating the heat!

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