22 Satisfying Cooking Projects for a Snow Day

22 Satisfying Cooking Projects for a Snow Day

Dana Velden
Feb 16, 2017

If you're stuck inside on a snow day and you're a cook, most likely you'll be found in the kitchen, taking advantage of this windfall day to take on one of those bigger projects you can't seem to squeeze in under normal circumstances. That homemade pasta you've been meaning to make will finally see the light of day (complete with homemade bolognese), or perhaps it's finally time to prepare a pot of robust beef stew to enjoy after a day of snowman building.

Satisfy yourself with a full day in the kitchen this winter — make croissants, freeze dumplings, master macarons. Even if you didn't stop by the store to stock up on supplies the day before, we still have a few recipes you can cobble together from basic pantry items to make the most out of this cozy day in the kitchen.

Big Project Soups and Stews

These soups and stews have a lot going on (several kinds of veggies to chop and prep, or perhaps an additional ingredient like dumplings), so they'll keep you close to the stove all afternoon — warm and toasty and in your element!

Pantry Soups

You're snowed in and you want to make soup, but you've got to keep it simple since you didn't stock up before the storm hit. No worries — these soups call for ingredients found in most pantries like canned tomatoes, potatoes, canned beans, etc. Use the extra time to apply a few mindfulness techniques to your cooking. You're not in a rush! Reap the benefits with a slower pace.

Involved Baking Projects

Croissants are on many a fine cook's "I have to try it at least once" list, so why not on a snow day? If all that rolling and folding isn't for you, then try brioche or old-fashioned cinnamon-raisin bread.

Chinese-Style Dumpling Recipes

If you're a Chinese grandmother or my friend Lucy, you are probably laughing at the thought of making dumplings being an all-day project. But if you're like me, then making (and filling and pleating and frying) dumplings is no everyday affair.

Italian-Style Pasta

Like Chinese dumplings, rolling out and filling Italian-style pasta is just the perfect, fussy kind of distraction for an afternoon stuck indoors. Make a couple of big batches and freeze them for a sunny day in June when you need a fast meal.

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