21 Homemade Gifts You Can Make Over the Long Weekend

21 Homemade Gifts You Can Make Over the Long Weekend

Faith Durand
Nov 25, 2016

I adore the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's long and replete with leftovers, and it's also when I get seriously excited about planning Christmas gifts. This weekend is still early enough to start a project like DIY vanilla or cocktail bitters, or to make a big batch of caramels, but not too early to freeze some dough for homemade puppy treats.

If you need a few fresh ideas for homemade holiday gifts this year, take a look! We have 15 homemade gifts from the kitchen (or for the kitchen) that you can get a head start on this weekend.

Caramels & Beyond: Gifts from the Kitchen

Sweets are the first resort of gift-givers, and who can resist soft and chewy caramels all wrapped up? Here are even more ideas though, like seven-layer chocolate truffles and homemade limoncello!

Sweets That Keep Well

Treats to Freeze

The DIY Pantry

Boozy Gifts

Candles & More: Gifts for the Kitchen

Not every kitchen gift needs to be edible, though. Here are a few simple projects that make fabulous gifts.

Tools to Clean & Organize

Pretty Things

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