21 Easy Ways to Make Pork for Dinner

21 Easy Ways to Make Pork for Dinner

Dana Velden
Feb 15, 2017

Can you even keep track of all the ways it is possible to eat pork? Chops, tenderloins, roasts, soups, stews — the list goes on and we didn't even mention bacon or belly! Pork is a hearty meat and February is a hearty month, so don't think too hard when it comes to making this dinner.

We've rounded up some of the easiest ways to do it. Whether you're serving up some maple-ginger pork with caramelized sweet potatoes or a spicy carnitas salad bowl to keep you and your loved ones well-fed and satisfied, here's how to do it without too much fuss.

Pork Soups and Stews

The classic way to incorporate the smoky deliciousness of pork into a soup is through a hambone. But pork is also an excellent choice for stews and braises, as it benefits from the slow, moist cooking. Many of these dishes have you do much of the work up front, but you reap the benefits all week long. So prep that stew on a Sunday and have a few days of a hearty dinner waiting for you all week long.

Pork Chops and Roasts

Pork chops are a classic mid-week dinner, as they cook up fast and taste delicious without a lot of effort. But don't skip the tenderloin! It might need just a touch more effort to keep it moist and flavorful, but it's worth it.

Pork Sandwiches

While there's nothing more American than a ham and cheese on rye, these sandwiches highlight other delicious ways that pork can be consumed between (or on top of) sliced bread.

Pulled Pork and Carnitas

What did we do before pulled pork? Life must have been dreary indeed. Cook up a big batch and enjoy throughout the week in salads and sandwiches, and on top of just about anything from rice to nachos. The definition of easy!

Pork Salads and Bowls

These recipes are perfect for when you have some leftover shredded pork in the refrigerator. But even if you don't, it's worthwhile to purchase some just for the sake of enjoying one of these hearty bowls.

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