2008 Candidates on Food: Ron Paul

What do each of the 2008 presidential candidates have to say about food, agriculture, organics, sustainable farming and other key issues in today's food economy? We can hardly give an in-depth analysis of each candidate's position here, but we're sketching out a broad look at each candidate today in honor of Presidents' Day.

Which one will be our President next year, and how will they affect food policy in this country? We're curious to see.

First up: Ron Paul. Details on this idiosyncratic newsmaker and grassroots conservative favorite below...

Dr. Paul is a fiscal conservative to end all fiscal conservatism; he has voted NO on nearly every appropriations bill to come through the House during his multiple tenures there. These bills include the Farm Bill. This might sound like he is unfriendly to research, subsidies, and other farm-related work, but he claims that this farm bill was subsidizing things not in the taxpayers' best interest, and that voting NO was actually friendlier to small farms.

You can see him speak at the Farm Food Voices DC 2007 Legislative Reception, which hosted a collection of small farmers and activists from around the country, in this YouTube video.

Also, here's a main point of Paul's platform. It's not related to eating-in, but it's interesting to those of us who do eat out from time to time, as well as those of us who have worked in the restaurant business:

Abolish taxes on tips earned - He proposes to completely do away with taxes on tips from serving and other tip-only professions.

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