2005 Holiday Gift Guide: Make Your Own

Granola is one of those great foods that is so easy to make, and gives such pleasure to those who eat it. Thus, it is the perfect gift. Here is our simple formula for Homemade Granola.

As you already know, it's hip to preserve. And it's easy. If you still have access to good cucumbers, start with good old-fashioned pickles - here is a recipe for Shaker Pickles dating from 1962 (House & Garden magazine). If you want to try other kinds of preserving, consider pickling garlic, beets, and peaches. We have a great recipe for Preserved Meyer Lemons.

One of our favorite ways of presenting homemade foods is with Weck canning jars. The Deco shape is great for preserves, and the larger Tulip and Cylindrical shapes are great for pickles, and even a few servings of your granola.