20 Vegetarian Recipes for Your Valentine's Day Dinner

20 Vegetarian Recipes for Your Valentine's Day Dinner

Dana Velden
Feb 9, 2017

Hello, vegetarians! What are you planning on cooking up for Valentine's Day? Many traditional menus involve animal-based proteins (oysters, lobster, steaks, etc.), which means as a vegetarian you're free to be as inventive as you want for this special meal.

Need some inspiration? Read on for 20 of our favorite vegetarian dishes, grouped into five menus representing France, America, Mexico, the Mediterranean, and India. Take your sweetie somewhere special for Valentine's Day!

Each menu has four items: a starter or appetizer, two sides, and one main. Feel free to mix things up, of course. These menus are meant to be inspirations, so have fun playing around with them.

Oh, and in our opinion, there is just one dessert that rules them all for Valentine's Day: Ina Garten's Devil's Food cake.


Bring a touch of romantic Paris to your Valentine's meal with this French-inspired menu. Serve the tart with a glass of Champagne and play some 1960s French jazz on the stereo to set the scene.


This Valentine's meal is hearty but elegant — perfect for when you're going for something a little more casual, but still want to put in some effort to show you care.


Mexican food is bright, lively, and spicy — and a fun way to celebrate with your loved one. The slow-cooker enchiladas allow you to get the main dish started the day before, leaving you extra time to get ready for the big night.


The flavors of the Mediterranean are robust and bursting with life, making this a good menu for our favorite February holiday.


Apologies to Indian purists for mixing up the north and the south with this menu! Still, the flavors of India are represented here and make for an enjoyable, deeply flavored experience.

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