20 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts

20 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Breakfasts

Kelli Foster
Apr 20, 2017

Don't get me wrong — the long, glorious breakfasts of Sunday mornings are something to look forward to. But on weekdays, I'm looking for something super nourishing and satisfying. I want something that doesn't require me to get up 30 minutes earlier (not happening!). Major bonus points if it can be made ahead, just waiting for me when I roll into the kitchen.

Guess what? All that's possible— and it's especially possible when you're looking for vegetarian options. From egg and veggie pitas and meal-worthy smoothies, to wholesome breakfast cookies and a Southwest-inspired quinoa bowl, here are 20 fuss-free vegetarian breakfast recipes to inspire you.

Eggs for Breakfast

Consider protein-rich eggs one of the easiest ways to win breakfast. Not only will they fill you up, but most of these options also have great make-ahead potential.

Breakfast Made for Sipping

There are smoothies made for snacking, and then there are those that feel more like a meal. These are definitely the latter. Packed with protein and wholesome ingredients, these breakfast drinks whip up quickly and easily, and help keep you full.

Baked Breakfasts and Toast

If you prefer something on the sweeter side in the morning, there is certainly no shortage of easy go-to recipes to keep in your rotation. These breakfasts come together with no fuss and have make-ahead potential.

Breakfast Bowls

Whether you make them the night before or whip them up in the morning, grain bowls are a totally satisfying and easy way to start the day.

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