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Whether due to a particularly abundant CSA delivery, an impulse buy at the supermarket, or unexpected leftovers after a party, we've all been there: staring down at a pile of ingredients we don't quite know what to do with. But we can always count on our readers for guidance and a ton of great ideas. Here are 20 ingredients that stumped cooks this year — which you responded to with (literally) hundreds of smart suggestions.

• 1 What Can I Make With White Chocolate Chips?
• 2 What Are Good Recipes For Using Up a Bunch of Sweet Potatoes?
• 3 What Are Some Savory Recipes That Use Cream Cheese?
• 4 What Else Can I Make With Leftover Green Enchilada Sauce?
• 5 What Can I Do With a Bunch of Jalapeños?
• 6 Help! What Can I Make With a Giant Napa Cabbage?
• 7 What Can I Do With a Big Bunch of Celery?
• 8 Do You Have Recipes for Rhubarb That Don't Include Strawberries?
• 9 What Can I Make With Cream of Coconut, Besides Cocktails?

• 10 What Can I Make With Dried Figs?
• 11 What Can I Do With Chipotle Peppers?
• 12 What Can I Make With Cake Flour?
• 13 What Can I Make That Uses Saffron?

• 14 Can I Make Anything With Leftover Champagne?
• 15 What Can I Make With Moonshine?
• 16 What's the Best Way to Use Up a Half Bottle of Leftover Wine?

• 17 What Can I Make With Canned Salmon?
• 18 Help Me Use Up 50 Pounds of Ground Beef!
• 19 What Can I Make With Cured Chorizo?
• 20 What Can I Do With Leftover Brisket?

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