Name: Laura
Location: New York, NY
Size & Type: 57 square feet

Favorite resource: Ikea

Inspiration: I never did anything to my kitchen for 6 years. I was not interested in cooking so I thought, Why do I need a nice functioning kitchen? After 6 years, it started to get to me...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Inspiration cont.: After 6 years, it started to get to me... the cupboards were coming apart, and the bottom of the cupboard underneath the sink crumbled. I had a theory: if I put in a new kitchen I would become interested in cooking, save money by eating at home, and have a healthier diet.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Tip: For a small kitchen it is all about space. Hide your clutter. Have your cupboards reach the ceiling in order to utilize more storage. If you want a microwave, get one that has an exhaust and can be used over your oven. Small appliances rule! Be careful about purchasing appliances that are too cheaply made - I learned the hard way with my oven - as you can see in the photos it had to be replaced.