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Earlier today, Sarah showed us how watermelons get to be square. You may not find those in your local market, but you might find some of these: Golden Midget, Mickylee, and Cream of Saskatchewan. Yes, Saskatchewan. Saveur has 18 different varieties picture on their site right now—go take a look.

We love watermelon in the summer. It's a crowd-pleasing dessert that requires no effort (other than hauling it outside), and it rarely disappoints.

Unfortunately, we tend to find only two kinds at the grocery store: regular and seedless. Occasionally, we'll find a Sugar Baby, with its dark green rind and sweet flesh. We'd love to get our hands on a Pixie, which averages only six pounds, or an Extazy, which is tiny and completely seedless.

Go see them all:
18 Types of Watermelon, at Saveur

Are any of you adventurous gardeners growing watermelon? What varieties?

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