18 Delicious Side Dishes to Go with Ham

18 Delicious Side Dishes to Go with Ham

Faith Durand
Apr 4, 2015

Are you serving ham this weekend for Easter, or perhaps later next month on Mother's Day? Ham is an easy and savory main dish, and part of the pleasure of serving it is enjoying with side dishes that play well with its rich flavor.

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Here are 18 side dishes that will go beautifully with your holiday ham. You have to start with the biscuits (well, you can get away with rolls if you really prefer!). Potatoes are a must — we have classic scalloped potatoes for you, plus showstopping smashed potatoes with Gouda and horseradish. Or you can lean lighter, with an herbed potato salad or snap peas with Meyer lemon and mint.

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Once you have your ham, it's time for the sides! Do any of these tempt you, or do you have other favorites for serving with ham?


Peas, Asparagus, and Other Green Things

Hearty Salads

Rolls & Biscuits

Originally posted April 2014

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