17 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2015

Social Media

As we start thinking about the new year, let's talk social media. Defriend that creepy guy you met a couple years ago on Facebook, and unfollow that distant cousin who posts blurry photos at the gym on Instagram. Let's fill our lives with beautiful, happy things. Like food. If your goal is to see gorgeous food all day long, these are the Instagramers you should be following.

I became familiar with a lot of these food photographers and bloggers through The Kitchn's monthly Instagram challenge. If you're not familiar, each month The Kitchn chooses a new Instagram theme and we ask everyone to tag corresponding photos with #thekitchn. This month's Instagram theme, as you might know, is cookies (because, duh). A lot of these Instagramers have participated in the monthly challenges.

Do note that not all of these Instagram accounts just post phone photos. It's not your fault that your photos don't live up to par, it's your phones. Regardless, they are all great photos and accounts that you need to follow in 2015.

1. Follow → @withfoodandlove

2. Follow→ @skye_mcalpine

3. Follow → @mollyyeh

4. Follow → @cahmun

5. Follow → @localhaven

6. Follow → @meatballssmama

7. Follow → @thefauxmartha

8. Follow → @topwithcinnamon

9. Follow → @joythebaker

10. Follow → @cannellevanille

11. Follow → @wrightkitchen

12. Follow → @local_milk

13. Follow → @tworedbowls

14. Follow → @anettvelsberg

15. Follow → @shivesh17

16. Follow → @poet_rose_food

17. Follow → @alisoneroman

Bonus! Follow The Kitchn on Instagram, too.

Do you have any other Instagram accounts that you follow that include gorgeous photos of food? Hand those handles over. I'm hungry.

(Image credits: @thekitchn; @withfoodandlove; @skye_mcapline; @mollyyeh; @cahmun; Local Haven ; @meatballssmama; @thefauxmartha; @topwithcinnamon; @joythebaker; cannellevanille; @wrightkitchen; local_milk; @tworedbowls; @anettvelsberg; @shivesh17; @poet_rose_food; @alisoneroman; @thekitchn)