17 Easy Pitcher Drinks for a Summer Weekend

Recipes from The Kitchn

If there's one thing we love this time of year, it's a cold and sparkling glass of sangria or fruity cocktail, poured from a pitcher large enough to share.

Today we have 17 favorites for you, from the boozy to the non, from sparkling peach sangria to the classic Hurricane, and strawberry gin smash to spicy ginger lemonade. There's even a non-alcoholic sangria. None of these take too much work or too much time; they're just easygoing, easy-sipping summer drinks for a long weekend. Pour a pitcher and relax!

With Alcohol


(Image credits: Faith Durand; Nancy Mitchell; Leela Cyd; Maureen Petrosky; Anjali Prasertong; Sarah E Crowder; Rachel Joy Baransi; Karen Biton-Cohen; Emily Han; Dana Velden)