17 Absolutely Delicious Ways to Cook with Coconut Milk

17 Absolutely Delicious Ways to Cook with Coconut Milk

Faith Durand
Jan 15, 2017

As the early fall days grow cooler, I am eagerly reaching for butternut squash and other autumn vegetables, ready to turn them into silky purées and hearty stews, dreaming of spicy curries and creamy soups. And in these plans for fall cooking, there's one key ingredient, a magic touch, that I always make sure I have stocked. Coconut milk is a pantry staple that adds richness and luxury to everything it touches, gilding vegan stews with a sweet tropical touch, and lending its creamy goodness to puddings, breakfast dishes, and other sweets.

If you have a can of coconut milk you'd like to put to good use, or need some hearty and delicious inspiration for your fall kitchen, start here. Just one little can — so many delicious ways.

8 Ways to Cook with Coconut Milk: Watch the Video

Today we have 17 ways to use a can of coconut milk, from tangy chickpeas and spinach, to curried carrot soup, to roast chicken in coconut milk. Coconut milk can lean sweet as well as savory, too; we show you how to make classic Thai mango and sticky rice, and give you recipes for chocolate coconut pudding and (vegan! Gluten-free!) coconut snowball cookies. Plus — the magic trick that turns coconut milk into vegan whipped cream!

Tips for Buying Coconut Milk

As far as buying coconut milk, I personally like to buy coconut milk at the Asian grocery. I really like Chaokoh, a Thai brand. I specifically avoid coconut milk that has added stabilizers or gums, or has been homogenized or shaken. I want to open a can and see a clear distinction between the coconut milk and the cream sitting on top.



Bonus Tip

What's your favorite way to use coconut milk in your cooking?

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