15 Ways To Boost Your Baking Know-How

Best of 2011

The adventures of baking are founded in tried and trusted know-how. We're always learning better, easier ways to get things done with the best results and here are a few of those nuggets of baking wisdom from the last year:

• 1 No More Shrinkage: 4 Tips for Blind Baking Pie Crust
• 2 Baking Tip: Measure Oil First, Honey Second
• 3 Baking Tips: Use A Tea Strainer To Sift Powdered Sugar
• 4 Quick Tip: How To Get A Domed Muffin Top Every Time
• 5 Baking Tip: Pre-Scoop All Dough For Perfect Cookies

• 6 3 Tips for Cutting the Perfect Slice of Dessert
• 7 5 Tips to Avoid Soggy Summer Fruit Pies
• 8 Coffee Cake Tip: Two Loaf Pans = One Baking Dish
• 9 Cookie-Baking Tip: A Quick Way to Cool Hot Baking Sheets
• 10 5 Tips for Gluten-Free Birthday Cake from Crave Bake Shop

• 11 Can I Substitute Cacao Powder for Cocoa Powder?
• 12 5 Steps to Master Perfect Pie Crust
• 13 For Convenience & A Better Crust: Freeze Unbaked Pies
• 14 Classic Apple Pie with Tips from Magnolia Bakery
• 15 The Key To Creaming Butter By Hand

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Welcome to The Kitchn's Best of 2011 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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