Knives might be one of the hardest things to organize in your kitchen. Not only do they come tons of different shapes and sizes, but they can be dangerous if they aren't stored carefully.

We've rounded up 15 ways — some that you can buy, others you can DIY — to store them. So no matter the size of your kitchen (or your knife collection) you'll find a solution that fits.

  1. DIY Knife Roll from Whimsey Box: We love this idea of making a fabric knife holder. It’s easy to hang, and can be rolled up for storage or packing when you’re moving apartments.
  2. Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock, $49 from The Container Store: This organizer fits in your drawer and the flexible bamboo strips mean you can fit any size knife you want. Plus, the renewable material protects the points on your favorite cutlery.
  3. Reclaimed Wood Magnetic Knife Rack from Instructables: If you want a DIY project, try making this magnetic knife rack from scrap wood. Just be sure you sand and seal it well so your knives don’t get damaged.
  4. Wusthof Under Cabinet Knife Block, $40 from Chef’s Catalog: Our favorite thing about this knife block (aside from the fact that it doesn’t take up any counter space), is that it swivels on the cabinet mount. Meaning you won’t have the knife handles sticking out over your counter when you’re not reaching for them.
  5. Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack: We love this tip from the archives for mounting your magnetic knife rack (DIY or otherwise) underneath your cabinets. Just make sure you are careful when grabbing those handles.
  6. Elevate Knives Carousel, $180 from MoMA Store: If you’re in the market for a new knife set along with your knife storage, consider this six piece set that includes a carousel with a small countertop footprint.
  7. Victorinox Knife Block with iPad Stand, $24 from Chef’s Catalog: This knife block does double duty by holding your iPad on its back while you're cooking.
  8. DIY Wall-Mounted Leather Rack, from Remodelista: Go for an unexpected texture in your kitchen with this leather looped rack. Measure carefully to make sure your knives won’t fall through.
  9. Pull Out Knife Block: We showed you this idea a couple of weeks ago, and it’s still one of our favorites. It might be tricky to incorporate into an existing kitchen, but if you’re planning a remodel, it’s something to keep in mind.
  10. 13-Slot Designer Knife Block, $200 from Wayfair: The most stylish of the knife blocks we’ve seen, this natural wood one can hold knives of any size with its flexible slots.
  11. Magnetic Knife Pods, $20 from Bed Bath & Beyond: If you don’t have enough space for a full knife rack, arrange a few of these pods which can each hold two knives.
  12. Wrench Knife Block, $138 from Super Grau: If you have a lot of knives this hexagonal holder might not fit your entire collection, but it will look great on your counter.
  13. Ultimate Knife Storage Under Cabinet Holder, $58 from eBay: This knife rack opens up to reveal your cutlery collection then folds out of the way when not in use.
  14. Bamboo Box Knife Holder, $59-$98 from VivaTerra: Add some color to your kitchen counters with one of these bamboo knife blocks. You can fit your whole collection in among the flexible bamboo rods.
  15. The Ex Kitchen Knife Set, $80 from Amazon: This knife set just gave us a laugh. Consider it a good housewarming gift for a newly-single friend.