15 Recipes to Make for Thanksgiving in Canada

15 Recipes to Make for Thanksgiving in Canada

Sheela Prakash
Oct 4, 2017

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving a full month-and-a-half or so before Americans. While it's often not quite the affair that it is in the States, the food is generally the same. There's always the standard turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, and maybe there's a little more maple mixed into desserts and special side dishes.

Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming Monday, so we've gathered up a few of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes on the site to celebrate. From the easiest way to make turkey, to the most glorious grilled stuffing, to a special maple pumpkin pie, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The Sides

You might start fantasizing about the sides for your Thanksgiving dinner far before the turkey, and we don't blame you. The creamy mashed potatoes and rich stuffing are easily our favorite parts of the meal as well.

The Turkey

Perfecting the star of the show is easy if you follow our tried-and-true method. Brining the bird beforehand is optional but definitely results in more succulent meat. The gravy, however, is definitely not optional.

The Desserts

Sweetening dessert with a touch of maple syrup only seems fitting for Thanksgiving in Canada. A classic apple pie, served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, isn't out of place either.

The Day After

After the feast, don't forget to relish those leftovers. Transform them into crowd-pleasing dishes that deserve as much applause as the holiday dinner did.

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