As we wrote this morning, now is the time to enjoy simple, spring cocktails. But if you don't drink alcohol, there's no reason to fret: you can still enjoy the sweet pleasures of a spring cocktail (er, mocktail) sans the added booze by indulging in one of the myriad drink combinations made with sparkling water, flavored soda, fresh juices, and simple herb- and- fruit-distilled syrups. Here are 15 favorites:

1 Non-Alcoholic Sangria
2 Drink Recipe: Kumquat Spritzer
3 Sparkling Rosemary Limemade
4 Iced Green Tea Elixir with Ginger and Lemon
5 Drink Recipe: Asian Pear Sparkler

6 Drink Recipe: Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Soda
7 Drink Recipe: Rosemary Citrus Spritzer
8 Drink Recipe: Watermelon Strawberry Cooler
9 Drink Recipe: Elderberry Shrub
10 Spring Drink: Blackberry Elderflower Spritzer with Mint

11 Recipe: Non-Alcoholic Maple & Grapefruit Cocktail
12 Breakfast Mocktail: Orange and Elderflower Spritzer
13 The Meg Ryan: A Bright and Bubbly Berry Drink
14 Drink Recipe: Strawberry Basil Sodas
15 Mother's Day Cocktail: Hibiscus Mimosa - Top with sparkling water instead of wine for the mocktail version!

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