Grill Master Guide: 15 Tips for Grilling Greatness

Grilling is an art — but it is an art assembled from just a few simple techniques that can be mastered by anyone. Unless you grew up with a pair of tongs in your hand and a spatula in the other, there are probably a few things you've yet to learn. Over the years our team has shared a wealth of grilling tips and tricks so we thought it was time to put all of them in one place. Consider this your guide to grilling greatness this summer!

Here are a few grilling tips and tricks we've learned over the years.

Do you have something to add to list? Something you wish you would have known when you first started grilling that greatly increased the tastiness of your grilling treats? Share your own advice in the comments below!


1. Adam Perry Lang's BBQ Tips & My Favorite Grilling Posts
2. 8 Tips for Grilling Perfect Steak
3. Try This! Throw Herbs on the Grill
4. Grilling Tip: Use Loaf Pans to Carry Food to the Grill
5. Grilling Tip: Place Quick-Cooking Foods Up Front
6. Grilling Tip: Do You Need to Soak Kabob Skewers?
7. Quick Grilling Tip: Use A Charcoal Chimney!
8. Grilling Tip: Buy Cedar Planks at the Hardware Store!
9. Grilling Tip: Use Cinnamon Sticks As Skewers
10. Grilled Summer Fruit: How to Get Better Flavor and Color
11. Tip for Maximum Flavor: Grill Meat Before Braising
12. Grilling Tip: Rack Your Meat While It Rests
13. Tip: Roast Peeled Garlic On The Grill
14. Cool Tip: Grill Your Burgers Indoors
15. Try This: Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette

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(Images: Emma Christensen, Kathryn Hill, Sarah Rae Trover)