(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Today is Day 7 of our Kitchn Cure, the yearly event when we roll up our sleeves and clean our kitchens from top to bottom; and on Day 7, you clean your oven.

But we had a thought. It's summertime. Who's been using their ovens? Not I. I bet your oven is gleaming and clean. So why not muss it up a bit? In the spirit of the well-used kitchen, the one that needs some elbow grease after all, let's make some recipes that really frack up the oven. Roast chicken, bacon-wrapped potato bites, blueberry pie, and all. Because you know what? All of these wonderful comfort foods make cleaning your oven worth the effort. They're awfully delicious — and terrible for your oven.

Bacon and All Its Works

Chicken Is the Greatest Evil

But Meatballs Verily Are the Worst

Sinister Meat

Vegetables Aren't Innocent Either

And Pie Has a Wicked Smile

  • Blueberry Pie - Just one drip and you have a fire on your hands.

All right, now that your oven is good and dirty, ready for Day 7 of the Cure?

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Or did we miss your favorite way to really make a moment in the oven? Do share!