110 Things to Do With Strawberries

110 Things to Do With Strawberries

Faith Durand
May 30, 2008
One of our favorite food blogs has a massive list of 110+ things to do with strawberries, all culled from French markets and her life in Lyon. There's also grill charcoal with no mess, a tiny garden and a ice cream topping we're very excited about...

• Via NOTCOT: The Baja BBQ Firepack for Design Annex/Lazzari. The eco-friendly packaging is actually designed to be useful as well as less messy; it creates an easy-light and burn "chimney" to get your charcoal going faster. Love it! Available at "gourmet supermarkets." Anyone seen this yet?

• From Lucy's Kitchen Notebook: What to do With Your Strawberries. Just a few of the amazing ideas on this list: a strawberry gratin with honey and lavender ice cream, tartare of tomato and strawberries served with iced milk seasoned mint tea, basil seasoned strawberries served with lime sorbet...

• Here's what we're contemplating as an ice cream topping very soon: Red Fire Chocolate-Covered Tortilla Chips. Mmm - crushed up on top of caramel or coconut ice cream?

• Garden Month is almost over, but we think that even the smallest apartment could grow pea shoots in this Growing Book.

(Strawberry photo by Lucy Vanel.)

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