11 Sweet and Spicy Radish Prints for Your Kitchen Walls

11 Sweet and Spicy Radish Prints for Your Kitchen Walls

Faith Durand
Jun 4, 2015

Radishes really are the most beautiful vegetable — the color alone earns them Best in Show, for me. Here are 11 art prints that play off that beauty in ways that are sometimes straightforward and sometimes a little offbeat, beginning with a sweet and affirming print that would be equally at home in your kitchen or your boudoir.

An alien landscape made with ... radishes. For extra radish action.

A truly gorgeous print in the traditional woodblock style.

Many radishes, just one that's special.

I love this deconstructed geometric take!

I had to throw this one in: the Radish Spirit from Miyazaki's lovely film, Spirited Away.

I will confess that this is my favorite. Look at those glasses.

A simple and sweet watercolor take.

Share radish love with all your friends with these very framable letterpress cards.

A vintage take on some memorably named radishes.

A rather anthropomorphized radish. Take a look at that hat!

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